Frequently asked questions

Thank you so much for your interest in Holly's Dance. Here are a few frequently asked questions. 

What is the tuition for dance classes? Please visit our schedule/tuition page for more information.

How do I register for classes? You can enroll online through our portal. 

What should my child wear to dance class? Please visit our Attire, Etiquette & Attendance page to find out. 

How do I know for which level to register? Read about how we level our dancers here.

What is Modern, Contemporary or Lyrical style of dance? Please visit our Dance Class Description page to read about all the styles of dance we offer here at Holly's Dance. 

Who are your teachers? Our fabulous staff members are listed here!

Do you have a spring recital? Yes! Our recital date will be listed on our Spring Recital and Birthday Parties page when it is scheduled!

Do you offer competition dance?  Yes! Visit our our Competition Company page for more information!

Do you have a minimum and maximum class size? Yes! Our minimum class size is 7 and our maximum class size for most classes is 20. If a class size falls below 7, there will be 2 options. 1. Combine with another class. 2. The class time will be decreased by 15 minutes, and tuition will be charged as a one hour class.








Current Schedules and Handouts

2019 - 2020 dance class schedule & tuition will be posted here soon! if you are on our email list you will receive it shortly before it is posted here. if you would like to be on our email list click here

come dance with us! auditions for our competition dance company is this week! july 29 - august 1, 2019


moNDAY - wednesday jULY 29 - 31, 2019 4:30 - 9 PM

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On-Line Options:

  • Enroll in Holly's Dance Classes

  • View Your Account and Make Changes

  • Pay for Tuition and Costumes

4 Ways to Register:

  1. Through our On-Line Portal Click Here

  2. Drop off a paper Registration Form and Payment anytime in our "Drop Box" located outside our main entrance door at the back of our building. 20731 Holyoke Ave. Lakeville MN 55044

  3. Hand in a paper Registration Form and Payment anytime we are open Click here for Studio Hours

  4. Mail a paper Registration Form and Payment to P. O. Box 1314 Lakeville, MN 55044

Please know enrollment is on a first come first served basis and will be completed on-line instantaneously when the payment has been processed.  If filling out and turning in a paper Registration Form, enrollment will be complete as soon as we receive it.  Please be sure to attach payment as enrollment will not be completed with out it.

For a small service fee we are now accepting all major credit cards and for your convenience, we have AUTO PAY giving you the opportunity to have your payments automatically withdrawn on the first day of each month from the bank account of your choice.  Just complete this form turn it in and all your tuition payments will be paid on time every month.




Holly’s Dance carries a wide variety of dance attire required for all dance classes.  Jazz, Turners and Freeforms ($28-$40), Ballet ($16-$21) & Tap ($21-$80) shoes, tights, leotards, leggings, dance shorts, dance tops, dance bags, tu- tu’s and more!!! 

Please make sure to have the following available to wear for your dance classes.  Proper attire and shoes are important.

  • Clothes must be form fitting to aid with seeking proper body alignment as well as allowing freedom of movement

  • Some type of tight must be worn at all times for keeping the muscles in the legs warm. This helps to prevent injury (for example: pulled muscles)

  • Over-sized 'sloppy or baggy' clothing is NOT allowed! Please do not wear “school clothes” or jeans, sweat pants or pajama’s to dance class

  • Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class without the appropriate shoes and attire.



  • Any color leotard, tights, leggings, dance shorts, sports bra’s & tank tops, wrap skirts, tutu's etc.


  • Ballet: Pink leather or canvas.... not satin

  • Tap: Black patent leather or oxford style tap shoes. Character shoes with attached taps and appropriate heel height for appropriate age

  • Jazz: For all Jazz classes Level I & II & Pre-Jazz classes wear: Black leather split sole

  • For all Jazz classes Level III & Up: 1/2 Ballet Shoes (turners) or Freeforms

  • Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern: 1/2 Ballet (Turners), Freeforms, Dance Paws or bare feet

  • Hip Hop: Any style or color of jazz shoes or clean, indoor only athletic shoes


  • Fitted T-shirt, sweat pants, jazz pants, leggings, bike shorts or long shorts


  • Ballet Shoes - Black leather soled ballet shoes

  • Tap Shoes - Black tap or jazz shoes with taps attached

  • Jazz Shoes - Black leather split sole

  • Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern: 1/2 Ballet (Turners), Freeforms, Dance Paws or bare feet (specific class requirement may vary please check with teacher before purchasing shoes)

  • Hip Hop: Any style or color of jazz shoes or clean, indoor only athletic shoes



Please make every effort attend every class

  • Please be on time for all classes so as not to hold up the other participants. We realize sometimes it cannot be helped, but tardiness is disruptive. Too many absences cause the student to fall behind, resulting in frustration, confusion and at times loss of skills already learned.

  • Make-up classes are available for missed classes. It is your responsibility to ask your teacher which class would be appropriate.

  • If you are unable to attend a make-up class a refund will not be given. Tuition is to be paid in full, whether or not every class is attended.

  • Please do your best to see that make-ups are not a regular occurrence. Often times the choreography differs, this can cause frustration and distraction to the student making up as well as the entire class.



  • Hair should be pulled up and off the face and neck

  • No gum or food during class

  • No street shoes in the studio

  • Be on time for class, warm up is very important

  • Keep noise level low in the lobby and peek-a-boo rooms

  • Please escort your young child to and from the studio

  • Please put your child's name in all dance attire and shoes

  • Items left behind will be put into the lost and found and donated to GoodWill every 3 weeks

  • Please make sure a restroom stop has been made BEFORE class

  • Please check the bottom of your tap shoes BEFORE each class to make sure screws/nails are not protruding. This will help avoid damage to the dance floor.




BALLET Level 1

Designed as an introduction to ballet, basic vocabulary and principles will be introduced to Level I students. There will be an emphasis on technique, poise, rhythm and self- disipline. Principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness will be investigated as well.

Class will begin with barre work, introducing external rotation of the legs and alignment of the spine, while executing basic ballet steps. Followed by centerwork, where students will incorporate knowledge gleaned from the barre to movement in the middle of the dance floor.

Students will not proceed to Level II until they have mastered the course work in Level I.

BALLET Level 2

Students in this class should have successfully completed Level I or comparable course work. This class will continue to work on external rotation and proper placement- with a focus on the upper body and position of the arms. We will move beyond the basics with more complicated barre and center work with an emphasis on weight transfer.


BALLET Level 3

Students in this class should already possess a strong understanding of proper body placement and port de bras, as well as be in full control of their turnout.  We will learn more advanced vocabulary with an emphasis on strength and stamina.

BALLET Level 4

A student in this class will have had several years ballet experience. This class will work on advanced course work with compound combinations at the barre and in the center. Students will move beyond the technical and investigate artistic and musical expression.

BALLET Level 5

Level V is a course for the advanced dancer who has a strong understanding of ballet technique as well as artisitc expression from the use of well placed port de bras and epaulement.


Teen Ballet

This class is designed as an introduction to ballet for the pre-teen and/or teen. Basic vocabulary and principles will be introduced. As in Level 1 there will be an emphasis on technique, poise, rhythm and self-disipline. Principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness will be investigated as well.  Class will begin with barre work, introducing external rotation of the legs and alignment of the spine, while executing basic ballet steps. Followed by centre work, where students will incorporate knowledge gleaned from the barre to movement in the middle of the dance floor.  Due to the maturity and focus of the dancers in this level we will move through material at a quicker pace than Level 1.

Advanced Teen Ballet

This is a class for the preteen to teen dancer with minimum 2 years of ballet. This class is for the mature dancer who can process information in an accelerated manner. The basics of good technique will be enforced as we learn new material with more compound combinations. Students in this class should already possess a strong understanding of proper body placement and port de bras, as well as be in full control of their turnout.  We will learn more advanced vocabulary with an emphasis on strength and stamina.


amelia tap.jpg


Level 1 & 2

Timing and Rhythm exploration is essential to our Level 1 & 2 students.  This is where the foundation for musicality is laid.  Often times learning will be done in an a cappella environment to ensure students are hearing and understanding sounds correctly. Shuffles, double shuffles, shuffle combinations, walking flaps, running flaps, heel drops, toes drops, buffalos, ball changes, cramp rolls, riffs and basic pull backs are steps that these students will come to master.

Level 3 &4

Coordination, speed and agility become vital in the level 3 & 4 classroom. As fast paced combinations are introduced, a focus on Rhythm tap and musicality becomes even more critical. Draw backs, time steps, Cincinnati’s, maxi fords, shIggy bops, wings, double & triple paradiddles, rhythm turns syncopated pull backs and single pull backs are steps these students will achieve. 

Level 5 & 6

As students progress into the highest levels, syncopated steps become crucial in combinations.  Weight shift, balance and endurance are key elements for the advanced tapper. Shuffle pullbacks, syncopated pull backs, double wings, flying shuffles and shiggy di bops become goals to accomplish.  Students will also begin an exploration of improvisation and begin to develop their own style of movement.



Our combination Ballet & Tap classes are wonderful for the dancer who is just starting out!  This is a great way to get 2 styles of dance with in one hour.  These students learn the basics of Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement.  If your dancer is 3 through 6 this is where she / he will begin.  These classes are offered for students of all ages and will learn 2 dances to perform in our Annual Spring Recital.  Students will only need to purchase one costume. 




Pre-Jazz is an introduction to Jazz.  Our young students learn how to correctly and safely move their coordinated bodies to the beat of the music.  Standing slow stretches, fast isolations, floor flexibility, and muscle conditioning are all included with the Jazz style of dancing.  A progressive choreographed dance routine is learned weekly.


Levels 1-5

Jazz is a very fun, high energy and stylized form of dance.  In this class dancers will learn the basic movement, kicks, leaps and turns that have been derived through the many ears of the development of jazz.  Dancers will also tap into their sassy side and be encouraged to use their funky attitudes from within.  While finding themselves engulfed in the fast paced movement of jazz, students are encouraged and taught to hold and move through their core ballet technique.  Stretching and strengthening are a big part of the jazz class.  Isolation of each body part, traveling and stage presence are also taught.  Dancers are rewarded for taking risks in their movement and we love to see them smile and come out of their shell.



Hip Hop is a style derived from African dance and encompasses everything from popping and locking to break-dancing, footwork, jumps and ticking.  Hip Hop dance is a balance of letting go and being loose with your body and movements, while at the same time controlling them.  Whether it is fast or slow, Hip Hop is a style of dance that is filled with character, attitude and fun!!



Lyrical is an expressive genre of dance that focuses on control and fluidity of movement.  Heavily focused on ballet technique and terminology, dancers will develop their musicality, advance their performance skills and solidify their ballet/jazz technique.  A complete understanding of ballet technique and the ability to express emotions thru movement is necessary to succeed in this style.


TLG_8434 (1).JPG


Contemporary dance expands on the technique and movements learned in lyrical class.  Growing over popularity in the last decade the contemporary style aims to push dancers and their movement in new directions.  Experimentation and improvisation often play a large part in creating contemporary movement.  Understanding how your body moves through space,  shifting of weight and momentum, floor work and overall body strength and control all play a critical role in this style of dance.  This class encourages dancers to feel their movement from within and share that feeling thru performance.


Modern is a form of contemporary theatrical and concert dance employing a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas.



Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema.

Meaning the teacher is not telling you exactly what to do, the students come up with it on their own. She will guide students but this is not a choreographed type of dance.

The Contemp / Improv class will make time for improvisation.  Usually improv is a small portion of some contemporary classes, however we wanted to include it in the title of this class as it will definitely be a part of it every week and most kids love to improv, so we were thinking they would want to know this information.  Then if they do not like improv they could just enroll in a regular contemp class where improv won’t be a huge part of the class. 



Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical– humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.




Variation class will help dancers develop the strength, stamina and technique needed to execute precise turns and explosive jumps.  This class will focus on strengthening, stretching and progressive movement across the floor.  







This class will focus on strengthening, stretching and progressive movement across the floor.  Lyrical movement and technique will play a huge role in this class.






This is a class where children with special needs are dancing with students who are currently enrolled at Holly's Dance.  This is a Lyrical/Ballet/Jazz style class.  A progressive choreographed dance routine is learned weekly and performed in our Annual Christmas Show and Spring Recital.

Boogie with my Baby.jpg

Boogie with your Baby!


Are you a baby wearing mama or caregiver? Have you been looking for a way to exercise but not loose time with your little one or worry about childcare? Then join us for the NEW "Boogie with Your Baby” Baby Wearing Class! No need to find childcare to get in some personal time moving your body and getting your blood pumping - bring your sweet bundle to participate with you as you bond and work up a sweat - they’ll be exposed to music and movement all while keeping that all important touch! With the class being only 30 minutes, it will easily accommodate the needs and attention span of the little ones and also allow for some amazing exercise thanks to the extra poundage you’ll be wearing and snuggling! All levels of mama movers & baby ages welcome! All you’ll need is a baby carrier of your choice, your baby, comfy clothes you can move in & water! We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday mornings!


Our adult program has been a big hit these last few years!  These classes are fun, challenging and rewarding.  These classes perform in our annual Christmas Show and each annual Spring Recital.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested. 





Father - Daughter and Mommy & Me classes are a fun addition we have been offering for the past 9 years.  They are a big hit at the Recitals and a great opportunity for the parents to get involved with their child’s dance activities.  Father - Daughter and Mommy & Me classes are available to any student currently enrolled at Holly’s Dance age 6 and up.  There is no charge for these fun filled family classes!! :)  There is no costume fee required.  In years past all costumes have been supplied by the parents and dancers closet :)  If you feel the need to go buy something new, you may certainly do so, however we try to keep this particular costume simple to attain.  All these classes are choreographed and taught by Miss Holly.  They are dances that do not require the parent to have previous dance training.  The parent choreography is catered to the non-dancer and is for FUN!!  Classes are 1 hour each, and generally begin in late April early May.    



952 . 469 . 1013

PO Box 1314

20731 Holyoke Avenue

Lakeville, MN 55044

come dance with us! auditions for our competition dance company is this week! july 29 - august 1, 2019


moNDAY - wednesday jULY 29 - 31, 2019 4:30 - 9 PM

miss Holly - Owner/director/Teacher 

Miss Holly is celebrating 19 fabulous years of ownership and 32years of teaching!  She opened Holly's Dance on May 20, 2000.  Since then she has expanded her studio four times to accommodate her growing number of students.  This last expansion includes a brand new state of the art 12,000 square foot facility with large 4 studio's!  In 1992 Miss Holly performed in the Super Bowl Half Time Show with Gloria Estefan.  She's very fortunate to have studied with many dance world educators in Chicago, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Florida, LA, New York, Switzerland including Tommy Walsh, Luigi Faccuito, Joe Lanteri and Joe Tremaine to name a few,  After earning her degree in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota, she taught and performed with Club Med Vacations in Sand Piper Florida.  Miss Holly has taught several workshops at local dance schools and colleges as well as serving as a dance judge.  She successfully developed, taught and staged the Minnesota Valley Family YMCA's dance program, 1998 through 2000; while holding the position as Fitness Director.  Miss Holly holds the prestigious Dance Educators of America Certification, which she received in July of 2004, and is still an active member at present day.  She passed her written, verbal and demonstration exams in the 98th percentile. 

Miss Holly's teaching style is very uplifting, energetic, patient and fun!  With these important qualities come class structure, professionalism and respect. Teaching dance to children and adults has always been Miss Holly's love and passion.  She is so excited to bring her lifelong dream to life in Downtown Lakeville and share it with you!


Miss Abie

Miss Abie comes to us from the Rockford, Illinois area. She is a recent graduate of Rockford University with a degree in physical education. In addition to her extensive dance training, Miss Abie comes to us with 4 years of teaching competitive dance. She enjoys teaching Ballet Technique, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary. In addition to her teaching dance, she has developed and implemented successful dance mentorship and service society programs. Miss Abie’s teaching style is focused on injury prevention and safety first. Her goal is to develop student passion and make a difference in the lives and health of her students.

Miss Alaina

Miss Alaina comes to us having graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She was a member of her college Dance Team and held a leadership position in the Universities’ Dance Ensemble. She has extensive teaching, choreography, competition and performance experience. Miss Alaina had the honor of receiving the Outstanding Dance Performer recognition from her high school and title of Grand Champion from Triple S. She’s looking forward to inspiring Holly’s dancers of all ages to fall in love with dance the same way she did.

Miss Annabelle

Miss Annabelle grew up dancing in the Twin Cities and is entering her 6th year of teaching. She has won multiple judges choice and overall awards as both a dancer and choreographer for her tap, musical theatre and jazz dances. Annabelle has performed at the Twin Cities Tap Festival in Elite Tap Feet. She was the captain of her high school dance team where she was named South Suburban Conference Honorable Mention and a member of the MN All-State Jazz Team. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.S in mechanical engineering; while at St. Thomas, she was a 4 year member and 2 year captain of the St. Thomas cheer team. In her spare time, she enjoys rhinestoning and spending time with her cat Snoopy.

Miss Arneshia

Miss Arneshia came to us with an 8 page resume! In short, she is a native of Stillwater, Oklahoma, she obtained her B.F.A. (Howard University) and M.F.A. (University of Colorado Boulder) in dance. She continues to train, perform, and lecture on a variety of dance education connections. Miss Arneshia enjoys teaching Hip Hop and Contemporary with an Afro-modern, floorwork, inversion, improvisation style. She is excited to be working as a dance artist in Minnesota.

Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle is a native of the Twin Cities. She has spent the past 19 years training at various schools including Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Columbia College Chicago, and The University of Minnesota. Danielle has taught Ballet, Modern, Post Modern, Afro Modern, Jazz, Gaga, Tap, West African, Her unique style of movement has been mainly influenced by Afro-Modern, Gaga, and Improvisational techniques. She also includes dance psychology and creative arts therapies in many of her classes. She has performed various works throughout the Twin Cities, Chicago, New York, Duluth, and Mankato, including performances for the American College Dance Festival, Manifest Festival, and the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Miss Danielle is excited to be able to share her knowledge and passion for dance and believes that movement is a form of personal and artistic expression that has the ability to break down barriers and create new ways of seeing yourself and the world.

Miss Julie

Miss Julie grew up in Huntsville, AL. She was classically trained in Ballet until college, when Modern was introduced and took ahold of her heart. She is an Honors graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in Dance Performance & Choreography. While she was there, she was awarded 6 times for her outstanding performance quality and choreography. Julie has had the honor to perform in works by internationally renowned choreographers as well as having a professional performing career here in Minneapolis with companies such as ARENA Dances, Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater & Black Label Movement to name a few. She is also a distinguished teacher. She started a dance program at a public high school in Mobile, AL upon college graduation & founded the schools dance company; led the Modern Dance program at Nancy’s School of Dance in D’Iberville, MS and has taught locally at Zenon Dance School, Young Dance, St. Olaf & the distance learning program with the Hennepin Center for the Arts. Miss Julie is looking forward to sharing her passion for modern with us.

Miss Katie

Miss Katie comes to us with 29 years of gymnastics coaching experience. Throughout her life she’s participated in several sports including softball, soccer, cheerleading, dance line and of course, gymnastics. She loves that she can combine her enjoyment of sports with her love of working with children when teaching gymnastics. Katie is originally from St. Paul but now calls Lakeville her home!

Miss Mandy

Miss Mandy was born and raised in Bozeman, MT where she trained in ballet under the direction of Lynda Youth of the New York City Ballet. Miss Mandy also trained with the Joffrey Ballet and Boston Ballet. After high school, Mandy focused on developing a science career and started teaching ballet. She has enhanced her classical ballet pedagogy by becoming a Certified Licentiate Member of the Cecchetti Council of America and focuses her teaching on technique, artistry, and injury prevention. Mandy loves sharing her passion and joy for classical ballet and hopes to instill her love for ballet with all of the students she teaches.

Miss Maria

We are proud to announce Miss Maria is home grown and excited to stay on staff after her graduation from St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. Miss Maria has been a student of Holly’s Dance for the past 10 years, an assistant teacher for the past 3 years and our administrative assistant for the past 2 years. Miss Maria has gained the respect and admiration of her peers and has been an excellent role model for her students and our dance family. She has received many competition dance awards and achievements throughout the years and is looking forward to continuing to offer her talents with us this year.

Miss Melinda

Miss Melinda grew up in the Washington DC area. She started training at her mother’s dance studio and went on to study throughout the tri state area. Miss Melinda moved to NYC in 2002 to attend NYU and shortly after, she joined the Radio City Rockettes. She has performed in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and worked as an Assistant Choreographer, Dance Captain and Swing on the show. She also performed in the Spring Spectacular and the Summer Spectacular as a Rockette.

Melinda has also been seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, Ellen, Dancing with the Stars and the TONY awards. She is a dance competition judge with Dance Educators of America and enjoys teaching Musical Theatre, Jazz, classic Lyrical and technique. She also enjoys mentoring students in the professional dance audition processes through Q & A sessions. When not performing Miss Melinda travels the country as a guest teacher. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her experiences with students of all ages.

Mr. erik

Mr. Erik comes to us as founder and Artistic Director of the Metropolitan Ballet Company and Academy. We are thrilled to be able to partner with this amazing and talented man who will be able to offer our ballet students many performance opportunities and excellent training. He is a native of Minnesota and has been teaching in the fine arts for nearly 30 years. He has performed several ballet principal roles and male leads. He has a passion for creating Ballet Productions with live Orchestra’s and Symphony’s! If you attended either of our Cinderella performances this past June 2018, you would have seen the talented creation of Mr. Erik’s Backdrops, stage props and Cinderella’s Carriage. Mr. Erik is excited to work with our ballet students this Summer to get a jump start on his first performance of the season.

Miss Whitley

Miss Whitley is a native to the twin cities and graduated from St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists in 2017. She has extensive dance training, competition, choreography and performance experience throughout the twin cities. She is a current company member with Crash.Dance.Productions and attending Normandale working towards a Criminal Justice Degree. Miss Whitley performed in the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show and modeled for Kelle' Costume Company. She is excited to share her talents with students of all ages here at Holly’s Dance.


Dancers Age 3-6

There is no Level Placement for our younger dancers, age 3 - 6.

New Dancers

If your dancer has no previous dance training, please feel free to enroll in any Level 1 dance class.

Experienced Dancers

If your dancer has 3 or more years of previous dance training, in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical or Tap we encourage your dancer to audition for class placement.  Auditions are held at the studio.  There is no charge to audition and it only takes a few minutes.  Please email or call 952 . 469 . 1013 to make an audition appointment.  


Holly's Dance Competition Company

For those interested in a more intense training program, Holly’s Dancers have the opportunity to audition for our award and scholarship winning Competitive Company. Our companies compete at both regional and national levels.  Holly's Dance Competition Company is for the dedicated dancer who strives for excellence. These dancers are offered a variety of additional conventions and performance opportunities within the community.

Dance Competition can be a great opportunity for our young dancers to learn the skill of performing at a high level in front of an audience.  It also gives us a chance to hear constructive criticism from professionals from around the country to help improve their dancing and performance skills.  Competition is a part of the dance industry. We use competition as one tool to help our students grow as dancers. What we learn from these competitions is paramount to developing well rounded, diverse dancers and people.  The most important goal for our dancers, however, is to improve each time we are on stage or in rehearsal.

If you are interested in finding out more about competition, please e-mail us at



  • Everyone participating as a dancer at Holly's Dance is invited to perform in our Annual Spring Dance Recital
  • Performing is a huge self-esteem builder, confidence booster and major accomplishment!

  • Our spring dance recital is a time for our students to show what they have learned and worked hard for the previous nine months.  It gives them the chance to show their talents and to experience the fun of performing!  Remember this is the "Performing Arts"! 

  • We encourage all students to participate in the recital, but of course the recital is optional

  • Pictures are optional, but if you and your dancer should choose not to purchase pictures, we hope you would attend picture day for the group photograph.

  • More information, in the form of handouts and e-mails, will follow during the season.   All information will be located on this website.  Click here



Please schedule your birthday party at least two weeks in advance

  • Holly's Dance provides a one hour dance class, with up to 25 participants and the space for an additional hour to do whatever you choose!  Open presents, eat pizza and cake, play games etc.  Fun party favors are also provided for each guest from Holly's Dance :-)
  • The Birthday Girl or Boy may choose the style of dance
  • Please provide all of your own party supplies
  • The fee is $150.00 to be paid a week before the party and a waiver for each participant must be filled out prior to the beginning of the party.  You will receive the waivers at the time of payment.
  • Please e-mail or call the studio to schedule your Birthday Party 952. 469 . 1013




Private lessons are great for improved technique, cleaning a dance, or you may want the extra practice for improved confidence. No matter what the reason private lessons can be very helpful for your dance education and career.  Please call the studio for teachers and pricing, or click here to schedule your private lesson :-)



We have 4 large studios and 2 large Lobby's with attached dressing rooms, all available for "by the hour" rental.  Each room is $50.00 for one hour, $90.00 for two hours and $120.00 for three hours.

  • Are you going to host a party, but don't want to have it in your home? For example; Lia Sophia, PartyLite, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Pure Romance, BeautiControl, Stampin' Up or Purse Parties?

  • Would you like to practice your Dance before a big performance?

  • Are you an instructor that would like to give a private lesson, but you do not have a studio with Marley floors and mirrors?

  • Are you a person that needs to hold an audition or try out for a certain event?

  • Please e-mail or call 952.469.1013 for information



Since 2003 Holly's Dance has been invited to perform at the annual "Holiday on Main" celebration in downtown Lakeville.  The beautiful historic Lakeville Area Arts Center is where these performances are held, usually on the first Saturday of December.  The countless hours of volunteering from many downtown business owners and staff make this event one in a million.  Experience everything from coloring contests, cookies and milk with Santa, to petting real reindeer, horse drawn carriages down Holyoke Ave. (Main Street), and Mrs. Claus reading your favorite stories.  This is a very fun event for everyone!!  It really gets you in the holiday spirit.

  • "A People's Fair" is another annual performance Holly's Dance has been invited to. "A People's Fair" is a celebration of diversity held at the Lakeville North High School. This is a very entertaining and educational event, with more than 40 community groups with everything from performers to a menu of ethnic delights.

  • "A Summer Dance Festival" is a community dance performance sponsored by "The Lakeville City Ballet." Holly's Dance has performed as it is a chance for all local dance schools to come together and perform in a non-competitive environment. This event is held at Lakeville South High School and usually occurs in early August. "The Lakeville City Ballet" does ask for a $5.00 donation at the door.

  • The American Cancer Society signature event called "Relay for Life" brings more than 3.5 million people from 4,900 communities across the country together each year to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost and fight back against a disease that takes too much. Relay for Life is a fun-filled, overnight event that empowers everyone to help fight cancer by raising money and awareness to support the American Cancer Society's lifesaving mission. Holly's Dance has been honored to help kick off our Lakeville area event by performing an upbeat fun dance for everyone to enjoy!

  • Other performances have included the "Minnesota Lynx" Half-time show, "A Day in the Park," Downtown Lakeville, "Cherry View Elementary" school wide celebration, HIgh View Hills Senior Living Community and Daisy, Brownie and Girl Scout performances.


  • Holly’s Dancers are available for performances.

  • We jump at the opportunity to perform just about anywhere anytime!!

  • If you have a special event coming up, or would like some dancing entertainment for your senior housing facility, or a party that might need dancer’s to entertain, we are available and have a wide variety of styles

  • We have dancers as old as 3 and as young as grandma’s!! :)

  • We use age appropriate music, choreography and costume's

  • Any compensation received from these performances is placed into our Scholarship Fund

  • Please e-mail or call the studio for further details 952 . 469 . 1013

Enjoy our Fabulous Photo's from 2014!


Important Dates

Please mark your calendars for the following days when there will be no classes. All other dates, classes will be held.

  • Oct. 17 - 21, 2018 (Wednesday - Sunday) - No Dance - MEA

  • Nov. 21 - 25, 2018 (Wednesday - Sunday) - No Dance - Thanksgiving Break

  • Dec. 21, 2018 - Jan. 1, 2019 (Friday through the following Tuesday) - No Dance - Winter Break - Classes resume Wed, Jan. 2, 2019

  • Mar. 22 - April 1, 2019 (Fri through the following Mon) - No Dance - Spring Break, Classes resume Tuesday, April 2, 2019

  • Apr. 21, 2018 (Sunday) - No Dance - Easter

  • May 12, 2018 (Sunday) - No Dance - Mother’s Day

  • May 24 - 27, 2019 (Friday - Monday) No Dance - Memorial Break - Classes resume Tuesday, May 28, 2019


  • Severe Weather Policy: 

    Our severe weather policy will not waiver. You will know with confidence as soon as you receive school alerts that we WILL follow the Lakeville Public School System no matter the reason for the weather related cancellation. We need to be consistent so there is no second-guessing or uncertainty. Our teachers (most drive a great distance) and your safety is our highest priority. 

    • If school is delayed, we will hold all morning, afternoon and evening classes. 

    • If school is cancelled, however after school activities are not cancelled, we will not hold morning classes however we will hold all afternoon and evening classes. 

    • If school and after school activities are cancelled we will not hold any morning, afternoon or evening classes. 

    • If after school activities are cancelled we will not hold any afternoon or evening classes. 

    • Weekend classes will be notified via email if there is a change to the schedule. 

    If a class is cancelled due to weather related circumstances it can be made up with in a month of the cancellation. Look at our current schedule by clicking here for a class that is the same or similar to attend. No need to let us know in advance of your makeup, let the teacher know when you arrive. Competition rehearsals that are cancelled one time are encouraged to take an additional Ballet Barre or “on level” class, Strength/Stretch/Technique or Company Variation. When a class or Company Rehearsal has been cancelled 2 times due to weather related circumstances, we will reschedule a class for another time. No refunds will be made for studio closures related to weather.


Holly's Dance Spring Recital Theme in 2014 was "Saving the World One Dance at a Time".  Our goal was to reach out to our community, donate our time, help those in need and make the world a better place.  We have continued with this goal throughout the years!  We are so proud of our Holly's Dancers and families for all of the amazing opportunities we have been a part of! 

  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army
  • Toys for Tots
  • The Mitten Tree


Holly's Dance is proud to have been able to donate, volunteer and contribute to these organizations over the past 16 years.

  • Lakeville's Independent School District #194
  • Lakeville North High School
  • Lakeville South High School
  • Century Middle School
  • Kenwood Trail Middle School
  • McGuire Middle School
  • Cherry View Elementary School
  • Christina Huddleston Elementary School
  • Crystal Lake Elementary School
  • Eastview Elementary School
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary School
  • Orchard Lake Elementary School
  • Minnesota Shubert Center
  • All Saints Catholic Church
  • Risen Savior Church
  • Lakeville's Girlscouts, Brownies and Daisys
  • Lakeville's CAC and Lewis House Women's Charity Golf Tournament
  • Lakeville Education Foundation
  • Lakeville Area Historical Society
  • Lakeville Lakeside Lions
  • Lakeville Women of Today
  • Lakeville City Ballet
  • Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown Lakeville Business Association
  • Kids Day America
  • Giant Step Theatre's
  • Children's Dental Care
  • Burnsville's Vista View Elementary School
  • YMCA - Young Men's Christian Association
  • MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Good Will
  • American Cancer Society
  • National Narcotic Officers' Associations Coalition
  • Firefighters Charitable Foundation
  • Police Officers Alliance of Minnesota