For those interested in a more intense training program, Holly’s Dancers have the opportunity to audition for our award and scholarship winning Competitive Company. Our companies compete at both regional and national levels.  Holly's Dance & Mentorship Competition Company is for the dedicated dancer who strives for excellence. These dancers are offered a variety of additional conventions and performance opportunities within the community.

Dance Competition can be a great opportunity for our young dancers to learn the skill of performing at a high level in front of an audience.  It also gives us a chance to hear constructive criticism from international professionals f to help improve their dancing and performance skills.  Competition is a part of the dance industry. We use competition as one tool to help our students grow as dancers. What we learn from these competitions is paramount to developing well rounded, diverse dancers and people.  The most important goal for our dancers, however, is to improve each time we are on stage or in rehearsal.

If you have a dancer age 4 - 7 interested in Competition, it’s not too late to audition! Click here for more information about our dazzling new Team Twinkle!


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