Please make sure to have the following available to wear for your dancers classes.  Proper attire and shoes are important.

  • Clothes must be form fitting to aid with seeking proper body alignment as well as allowing freedom of movement

  • Some type of tight must be worn at all times for keeping the muscles in the legs warm. This helps to prevent injury (for example: pulled muscles)

  • Over-sized 'sloppy or baggy' clothing is NOT allowed! Please do not wear “school clothes” or jeans, sweat pants or pajamas to dance class

Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class without the appropriate shoes and attire.

RECOMMENDED DANCE ATTIRE for all leveled ballet classes, barre/technique and cecchetti:


  • Black leotard, pink tights, hair neatly pulled back into a bun, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.... not satin

male attire & shoes:

  • Black or white fitted T-shirt, black shorts, leggings or tights, black or white socks and ballet shoes.

RECOMMENDED DANCE ATTIRE for all other classes including Combo Ballet & Tap classes :


  • Any color leotard, tights, leggings, dance shorts, sports bras & tank tops, wrap skirts, tutus etc.


  • Ballet: Pink leather or canvas.... not satin

  • Tap: Black patent leather or oxford style tap shoes.

  • Jazz: For all Jazz classes Level I & II & Pre-Jazz classes wear: Black leather split sole

  • For all Jazz classes Level III & Up: 1/2 Ballet Shoes (turners) or Freeforms

  • Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern: 1/2 Ballet (Turners), Freeforms, Dance Paws or bare feet

  • Hip Hop: Any style or color of jazz shoes or clean, indoor only athletic shoes


  • Fitted T-shirt, sweat pants, jazz pants, leggings, bike shorts or long shorts


  • Ballet Shoes - Black leather soled ballet shoes

  • Tap Shoes - Black tap or jazz shoes with taps attached

  • Jazz Shoes - Black leather split sole

  • Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern: 1/2 Ballet (Turners), Freeforms, Dance Paws or bare feet (specific class requirement may vary please check with teacher before purchasing shoes)

  • Hip Hop: Any style or color of jazz shoes or clean, indoor only athletic shoes



Please make every effort to attend every class

  • Please be on time for all classes so as not to hold up the other participants. We realize sometimes it cannot be helped, but tardiness is disruptive. Too many absences cause the student to fall behind, resulting in frustration, confusion and at times loss of skills already learned.

  • Make-up classes are available for missed classes. It is your responsibility to ask your teacher which class would be appropriate.

  • If you are unable to attend a make-up class a refund will not be given. Tuition is to be paid in full, whether or not every class is attended.

  • Please do your best to see that make-ups are not a regular occurrence. Often times the choreography differs, this can cause frustration and distraction to the student making up as well as the entire class.



  • Hair should be pulled up and off the face and neck

  • No gum or food during class

  • No street shoes in the studio

  • Be on time for class, warm up is very important

  • Keep noise level low in the lobby and peek-a-boo rooms

  • Please escort your young child to and from the studio

  • Please put your child's name in all dance attire and shoes

  • Items left behind will be put into the lost and found and donated to Goodwill every 3 weeks

  • Please make sure a restroom stop has been made BEFORE class

  • Please check the bottom of your tap shoes BEFORE each class to make sure screws/nails are not protruding. This will help avoid damage to our dance floors.